Eleazar’s first anniversary in his home. I cannot believe how time has flown with my sweet buddy. He’s the best dog I could ask for – assertive, intelligent, quiet, easy going, amazingly forgiving and tolerant. He is not afraid of people or dogs and just wins over the hearts of everyone he meets.

I found him online after a long search. It was 2020, COVID was relentless, and people were home and adopting all available dogs. Rescue groups were overwhelmed and not quick to answer. I wanted a special dog – a small rescued Chihuahua – and heard that Noah’s Ark had some.

I applied for one and was told that they had the perfect match for me. His name was Furbie. We were matched on December 17, the feast of St. Lazarus and I decided then to rename him Eleazar.

We arranged for transportation and Eleazar came to me on January 2, 2021.

He has brought a sense of responsibility and has turned me into a patient dog owner. It has been difficult to understand him. He seems to want to come to me but, at the last minute, retreats to the safety of his safe space. I let him be and wait for a moment when he is ready to be petted and loved.

My sincere thanks to Noah’s Ark for a great match made blindly and in the distance. You understood me and selected the perfect companion. We looking forward to many more years with our sweet furry companions.