Meet Bear

Bear is a male coatimundi (Nasua narica) born in 1999 and surrendered to Noah’s Ark in 2005. Bear is a lucky coatimundi for many reasons.  He was loved and well cared for by his owner who chose not to have his teeth and claws removed, which is usually the first thing that happens to coatis that become pets.  Upon moving to Georgia, Bear’s owner realized coatis were illegal to own and was forced to surrender him to Noah’s Ark.  Bear is one of the lucky exotic pets that ended up at a sanctuary instead of being resold to a backyard breeder or roadside zoo.  Bear is the calmer of our coatis but he is still is a wild animal, and much prefers to live in an enriched natural habitat with members of his own species than to being a pet in a small cage.  He eats a varied diet of primate chow, omnivore chow, fruits and vegetables, and dog food, and his favorite food are bananas.

Animal Details

Name: Bear
Category: Small Mammals
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