Meet Elvis

Elvis is a brown capuchin monkey (Cebus apella) who at 14 years old was confiscated from an individual’s home and placed at Noah’s Ark in 2002.  He was being illegally and inhumanely kept in a closet with another capuchin monkey named Hambone, and both had their canine teeth crudely filed down to lessen the damage of a bite. This is one of the first things that happen to a pet primate once they begin to bite, and doing so leaves the tooth’s nerve exposed and as a result, the monkeys live silently in extreme pain.  Elvis lives in a group of other capuchin monkeys in a large, indoor/outdoor naturalistic habitat equipped with all the necessary elements to provide him with a happy, healthy, and enriched life.  His favorite place to hang out is with Hambone on top of the monkey bars as they bask in the sun together.

Animal Details

Name: Elvis
Category: Primates