Meet Gary

Gary (born in 2000) is a neutered rhesus macaque who came from a University to his forever home at Noah’s Ark in early 2015.  He had been used in biomedical research for many years and had multiple surgeries to implant and remove devices from his brain.  We had the University castrate Gary instead of vasectomize him, in hopes that lowered testosterone levels means one day he may have a roommate but for now, he lives by himself although he has other macaques adjacent to his enclosure that he can interact with if he chooses.  Gary is the largest of the macaques at Noah’s Ark and loves announcing his territory by bouncing up and down on his boulder while vocalizing.  For all he’s been through, Gary adapted to sanctuary living remarkable well and loves laying flat out on his platforms without a care in the world.

Animal Details

Name: Gary
Category: Primates
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