Meet Gonga

Gonga is a java macaque (also known as a long tailed or crab eating macaque) (Macaca fascicularis) who was born in 2003 and was voluntarily surrendered to Noah’s Ark in 2005 because her former owner could not control her.  Because of their intelligence and adaptability, the java macaque has a conservation status of “least concern” and is involved in many human/ macaque conflicts (attacks on humans for food, breaking into homes and cars, etc). These characteristics, combined with their smaller size, make the java macaque a popular species to breed and sell as a pet primate; however, all macaques have large canine teeth and can harbor viruses that are fatal to humans.  Although she shows affection and trust to her keepers, Gonga is very aggressive to other humans that dare near her enclosure.  Her favorite enrichment activity is painting, and she really seems to get into manipulating the paint, then will sit back and admire her work.

Animal Details

Name: Gonga
Category: Primates