Meet Grace

Grace, a wolf dog hybrid, is one lucky canine.  A kind woman in a local neighborhood saw what she knew was part-wolf running in the woods behind their subdivision.  After weeks of pleading with animal control a trap was finally set to capture Grace and bring her to safety.  Henry County Animal Control contacted Noah’s Ark because they knew that Grace would be euthanized unless a sanctuary stepped up, because wolf-hybrids are illegal in Georgia.  When we picked Grace up she was terrified and had no life in her eyes.  She was found with a thick log chain around her neck and weighed 52 lbs upon arrival.  She was covered with fleas and ticks and infested with pinworms.  Grace was, and still is, in the early stages of kidney failure because she suffered so long from dehydration and starvation.  Today, miraculously, she is healthy and happy and although remains hidden normally during open hours, she’s very vocal, hyper, and bouncy once guests leave.  Her blood and urine are tested every 3 months to monitor her kidneys and for this she is walked on lead to our vet clinic by her favorite keeper, and she is a very good girl for the procedures.

Animal Details

Name: Grace
Category: Foxes & Wolves