Meet Henrietta

Henrietta the guinea hen is a survivor with a mind of her own!  A lady’s dog brought half-dead Henrietta up to her porch, and to this day the lady has no idea where the bird came from!  Not knowing what else to do, she raced Henrietta to Noah’s Ark and miraculously, the bird recovered from her injuries.  When she was ready to go outdoors, staff naturally released Henrietta into the barnyard where the other guinea fowl congregate.  The next morning, Henrietta was all the way at the Welcome Center!  She was captured and moved back to the barnyard with the other guineas but the next morning, she was back.  Henrietta now stays at the Welcome Center area, peeking in the windows while “supervising” our office staff and greeting visitors.

Animal Details

Name: Henrietta
Category: Birds
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