Meet Koeka

Keoka is a Japanese macaque (Macaca fuscata) born in 1992 and came to Noah’s Ark in 1993 after being confiscated from an individual who did not have the proper licensing to own her.  Keoka was still nursing a bottle when she was brought to Noah’s Ark and needed to be hand reared in order to survive.  She is the perfect example that bottle raising a wild animal does not guarantee they will love or even like you.  To this day, Keoka is extremely aggressive toward the woman who raised her (Jama Hedgecoth, founder and director), although she has no issues with her female keepers.  Keoka is usually a quiet, laid back lady except for feeding times, when she can be heard screaming for her food as it is being prepared.  Her thick coat allows her to enjoy our milder Georgia winters, and she also loves playing in a sprinkler on hot summer days.

Animal Details

Name: Koeka
Category: Primates