Meet Mr. Jay

Mr. Jay is a yellow-headed amazon parrot that came to his 8th and final home at Noah’s Ark in 2009. This species of parrot is a very popular one because of their outgoing, gregarious personality and ability to talk and interact with humans.However, they can also be more aggressive, territorial, and hormonal than other parrots and thus, are flooding into sanctuaries and humane societies as unwanted former pets. Mr. Jay actually flew across the room at a previous home and nearly blinded a human with a vicious bite to the eye. He is a little calmer these days as he lives in an aviary with other outgoing amazon parrots where he can be as loud and destructive as he needs to be. This species of Amazon parrot is native to Central and South American forests and is considered an endangered species. Poaching for the pet trade as well as habitat destruction are its main survival threats.

Animal Details

Name: Mr. Jay
Category: Birds