Meet Mr. WooHoo

Mr. WooHoo, a 9 year old Eurasian eagle owl, found his forever home at Noah’s Ark in early 2020. As a captive-bred baby owl, his owner purchased him for use as an ambassador animal in educational programs at an out-of-state nature center. As he grew in size and strength, Mr. WooHoo required consistent professional handling and training in order to interact with humans, and was handled less and less by his owner. He was confined to a small crate that prevented him from spreading his massive wings. Sadly, he lived in those cramped conditions for 7 long years, only being brought out to have to his cage cleaned. Eventually, the nature center fell into disrepair and closed, and the handful of surviving birds were relocated to new homes – all except Mr. WooHoo.

His 7 years of cramped confinement left Mr. WooHoo severely traumatized and liable to aggressive behavior. He does not enjoy human interaction, and is somewhat developmentally delayed. With no control over his environment he never had an opportunity to learn healthy coping mechanisms. Unfortunately, not a single credible facility wanted an aggressive bird of prey who couldn’t be utilized either as an ambassador animal or for breeding. The owl faced euthanasia until, thankfully, he was referred to Noah’s Ark.

Mr. WooHoo now lives in a large outdoor enclosure where he can stretch his magnificent wings and fly from branch to branch. He can finally feel sunshine, rain and wind on his feathers, splash in a bath, and enjoy showers from his caregivers. We are honored to be a place of sanctuary for such a special animal as we continue to help him on the road to recovery. We ask that when visiting Mr. WooHoo, you share our respect for him by keeping voices low and refraining from sudden movements. Our hope is that in time Mr. WooHoo will trust he has nothing to fear from humans, and allow himself to enjoy his safe and forever home.

Animal Details

Name: Mr. WooHoo
Category: Birds