Meet Sabrina

Sabrina is a white faced capuchin (Cebus capucinus) who came to Noah’s Ark in 1996 at just two years of age.  She was very loved and decently cared for by a couple who realized that as Sabrina aged, she was not a happy animal.  After being torn from her mother and forced to be a pet, Sabrina, who is naturally sensitive and shy, did okay for a few months with her human parents.  Then, her owners observed her displaying the tale tell signs of psychologically disturbed monkeys: over grooming, digit sucking, rocking, and screaming.  They knew their beloved monkey needed much more than they could provide and they voluntarily surrendered her to Noah’s Ark.  Sabrina is the perfect example of a monkey caught in-between two worlds: she is neither a human (although she thinks she is) nor is she a monkey, and as a result has a difficult time fitting in as either.  To combat this, she is given extra hands-on attention from her caregivers and rewarded for displaying natural primate behaviors, such as foraging.

Animal Details

Name: Sabrina
Category: Primates
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