Meet Sand Hill Cranes


This handsome boy was brought to us by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources in August of 2020. Sadly Sarge suffered a gunshot wound and was in desperate need of medical treatment. A Good Samaritan took him to a nearby Animal Clinic where they treated his wounds and nursed him back to health. He is now healthy, but because of his damaged wing, he is unable to fly and is non-releasable in the wild. He has made himself right at home here at Noah’s Ark in a large two-acre enclosure that he shares with other special needs waterfowl, several ducks and another Sandhill crane (Shane). The wooded enclosure has a creek that runs through it and Sarge can forage for bugs and fish for minnows. He has made himself right at home here at the Ark, and we love him!


After receiving word that an injured sandhill crane was frequenting a local park — and not flying off when approached by people — a kind officer from Georgia Department of Natural Resources captured Shane and brought him to Noah’s Ark in July 2021. In the beginning, it appeared Shane could be rehabilitated and released. Unfortunately, during a later exam, we discovered he had suffered a dislocation and potential fracture to his coracoid bone (similar to a shoulder in humans). Although Shane could fly in short bursts, he would never be able to keep up with a flock during their long migrations. Since surgery was not an option to resolve this chronic injury, the decision was made for him to remain at Noah’s Ark. Shane has an easygoing personality and is thriving in the large natural habitat he shares with our other non-releasable sandhill crane, Sarge.

The two befriended each other immediately and spend their days foraging for bugs, searching for fish in the creek, and “people watching” as visitors pass by their enclosure.

Animal Details

Name: Sand Hill Cranes
Category: Birds