Meet Shere Khan

Shere Kahn 2001 – 2018

When he arrived at Noah’s Ark, Shere Khan, a Bengal tiger, was underweight and malnourished, but with the treatment of his parasites and a healthy diet, he began to regain his cub-like energy and appetite, and began to gain weight.  He was the most mischievous of the BLT, always pouncing on Baloo and Leo. Shere Khan was also the most affectionate, and numerous times throughout the day would rubs heads and groom his brothers, strengthening their bond.  In fall of 2014 he was diagnosed with intervertebral disc disease but is responded well to treatment and lived many more happy years with his brothers. Bengal tigers are native to parts of India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Bhutan and because of habitat loss and poaching, they have a conservation status of endangered. They weigh 300-500 lbs and live to be roughly 20 years old in captivity.  Sadly, we lost our dear friend in 2018. Shere Khan was buried by the BLT’s clubhouse next to Leo, which was the trio’s favorite resting spot. Even in death, Baloo, Shere Khan, and Leo will always be together.

Animal Details

Name: Shere Khan
Category: BLT