Meet Suki

Suki and the tiger she was rescued with, Shelia, are also known as “Charlie’s Angels” because these two female Bengal tigers (Panthera tigris) were named after the cofounder of Noah’s Ark, Charlie Hedgecoth.  She was surrendered to Noah’s Ark in 2009 from the owner of a roadside circus due to the public’s outrage of the condition in which the cats were being kept.  For 5 years Suki was hauled across the country in a small trailer with a metal baking dish bolted to the floor for water and a bench to escape the cold floor of the trailer.  When she was released into her spacious natural habitat at Noah’s Ark, Suki was too frightened to exit the trailer she had been living in because the feeling of grass beneath her paws was a new sensation.  After a few hours she leapt out of the trailer and never looked back.  With Shelia, she now lives in a natural habitat complete with multiple dens and climbing structures, giant water tubs, and plenty of toys. Suki was born in 2004 and most of the time still acts like a cub.  She is a very silly, active, and inquisitive tiger and loves to burst into sprinting sessions where she can be seen running across her habitat at full speed.  Her active personality was so stifled in her former home that she rubbed her nose raw while pacing the walls of her trailer, leaving a permanent scar and bald spot on her nose.  Although their personalities are different, Shelia and Suki are very bonded and love to play together, chasing each other across their habitat while leaping onto and off of their dens to pounce on one another.  They also prefer share one den, especially during the chilly winter months, even though there are three dens in their habitat.

Animal Details

Name: Suki
Category: Exotic Cats
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