Meet Wind Walker

Wind Walker is an American mustang who came to her forever home at Noah’s Ark in 2005.  She and her family were rounded up from the wilds out west and sold at auction to a well meaning lady who wanted to save them from slaughter.  Although the lady was an experienced rider, she was very unprepared for how difficult and dangerous wild mustangs can be.  After months of trying to tame the rescued horses with no progress to show and many close calls of serious injury, she knew they would be happiest living in as free of an environment as possible, so she had them transported to Noah’s Ark.  Unlike most domestic horse breeds, mustangs retain more instincts from their wild ancestors and when faced with a fight or flight situation, they have no problem fighting with their powerful hooves and teeth.  Wind Walker was able to be tamed fairly quickly because we found what she was willing to work for – apples!  Through positive reinforcement training, she will now allow the veterinarian or farrier to examine her with no fuss at all, and even enjoys attention from certain humans.

Animal Details

Name: Wind Walker
Category: Livestock