Meet the Staff

Jama Hedgecoth

Director & Founder

Jama is the Director and Founder of Noah’s Ark. As a child, Jama cared for injured and unwanted animals, nursing them back to health and found homes for them. Through the years, her work with animals grew into a vision of caring for abused and neglected creatures which evolved into what we now know as Noah’s Ark. Jama oversees operations and development. As Director, Jama is also the dreamer behind Noah’s Ark. She maintains the organization’s vision and resolve. Her mission is to share the love, hope, and kindness of Noah’s Ark with the world as they work together to educate the world that all living things have value no matter how small or seemingly insignificant.

Charlie Hedgecoth

Assistant Director & Co-Founder

As Assistant Director, Charlie is Jama’s right-hand man and handles an assortment of duties at Noah’s Ark. He manages the property from maintaining equipment, facilitating onsite special events, and course feeds and cares for the animals. Animal rescue has long been a part of Charlie’s life; it is simply a part of who he is rather than what he does. Noah’s Ark began as a passion of his mother’s, and he grew up with that passion and now shares the dream with Jama. “Noah’s Ark is such a special, one-of-a-kind place because of the healing and unconditional love the animals give the people. There’s nothing like it,” says Charlie.

Allison Hedgecoth

Animal Husbandry Manager

Allison oversees the dietary, housing, and medical care for the exotic animals and domestic livestock at Noah’s Ark. She creates and carries out nutritional and enrichment plans for the sanctuary residents as well as oversees the maintenance of the exotic animal habitats. She does everything from feeding and medicating the animals to cleaning and maintaining their enclosures. Allison has had a passion for helping and caring for animals her entire life. She grew up rescuing animals in the city of Atlanta by taking in unwanted or injured dogs, reptiles, small animals, and birds. Then in 2007, Allison began volunteering at Noah’s Ark. With her ease, compassion, and connection with the animals, she began caring full-time for the animals of Noah’s Ark within a few years.

Meet the Board

  • Glenn Ross
  • Jama M. Hedgecoth
  • Rita Whitehouse
  • Clyde Tant Jr.
  • Lynn Henkel
  • Jack A. Daniels
  • Dr. Karen Thomas
  • Marty Allen
  • Jay Allen