Evergreen Hall

Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary is the ideal location for a variety of private events.

Evergreen Hall at Noah’s Ark is the perfect place for the event of your wildest dreams! Whether it’s a birthday bash, family get-together or reunion, a joyous union like Weddings, Graduation, monthly meeting, staff retreat or networking reception Evergreen Hall, situated on a 250-acre animal rescue and rehabilitation center at Noah’s Ark provides a unique event space that your guests will not forget.

Description: Evergreen Hall at Noah’s Ark is a 25′ by 50′ (1250 sq. foot) facility that includes a built-in dais, large screen video monitor, and catering kitchen that’s 35′ by 10′ (350sq. foot). Within walking distance are outdoor gazebos, a children’s playground, picnic areas and the animal habitat.

Amenities: We provide folding tables and chairs included with the rental price, access to the playground and habitat during normal operating hours and after hours for an additional fee. Kitchen use is free when you use our exclusive caterer. The kitchen is equipped with two range top/ovens, two microwaves, two sinks, two refrigerators and two dishwashers.

Under Construction, please check back: Add ons:  Add the WOW factor to your special event! We can offer your group special tours, educational programs, children’s party activities and party favors and team building activities all centered around the work we do at Noah’s Ark to preserve wildlife and provide a forever home for the over 1500 seized, surrendered, and abandoned exotic and domestic animals in our care.


  • Usage Fee $600 ($150/hr. with a four hour minimum)
  • $300 Security Damage Deposit
  • Kitchen Use Fee (if Applicable)
  • Exclusive use of Playground during time of event ($200)
  • Exclusive use of Picnic Area during time of event ($300)
  • Use of Lawn Area and Gazebo (Additional $150 hr)
  • Access to Habitat after hours / Noah’s Ark Docents ($150)
Prohibited Substances
  • The use of tobacco, vaping, illegal drugs and the possession of firearms or weapons is strictly prohibited.
  • Pyrotechnics are strictly forbidden.
  • The use of smoke or fog machines is not allowed.
  • The use of confetti and glitter are not allowed.
  • No open flames inside the building (normal birthday candles are allowed).
  • Open flames may be used outside of the building by special request only, and may require fire watch personnel for which an additional fee will be charged.
DJ/Band & Entertainment Policies
  • Delivery, set up and breakdown are to be done during the specified rental times.
  • No music after 11pm.
  • Noise level will be monitored and the band or DJ may be requested to reduce the noise level. Failure to cooperate may result in the entertainment being shut down without regard to agreements with the renter.
  • All cords must be dressed and taped to prevent tripping accidents.
Florist and Decoration Policies
  • Rental fees include the use of the facilities inventory of tables, chairs, podium and audio/visual system. The client must provide their own Laptop/MacBook along with power cord, and attachments (HDMI/Apple Adapter) you may need to hook up.
  • We do not provide linen
  • Set-up and take- down of outside rental items must be done during the specified rental time. Special drop off or pick up times for an outside vendor must be approved ahead of time and may incur additional charges.
  • All debris and packaging must be removed.
  • All items must be removed after an event. The facility cannot provide storage and will not be responsible for any items left behind. Left over items will be discarded or become the property of Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary.
  • No duct tape or cellophane tape may be used on any of the surface walls of the facility.
  • Nothing may be hammered, nailed, stapled or tacked onto the surface wall or floors.
  • All cords must be dressed and taped to prevent tripping accidents.
  • All surfaces must be protected from condensation and water, wax or grease spills.
  • We do not recommend food or beverage service on the carpeted dais. The client will be responsible for cleaning or repair caused by any spills or stains on the carpet.
  • Open candles are not allowed. Candles must be domed or contained. Please check with staff concerning centerpieces or decorations that will include candles.
  • The use of confetti and glitter is not allowed.
Catering Policies
  • Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary has an exclusive catering agreement. Any outside catering or self catered events are subject to a kitchen fee.
  • Self catered is defined as box lunches, cakes, pizzas or other food pre-pared by a grocery store or licensed restaurant.
  • Absolutely no home baked goods.
  • All boxes and other disposables must be removed from property after the event. Certain left over food items (unseasoned fruits and vegetables) may be donated for the care of our animals. Please consult with our Staff member.
  • Any outside caterers must be licensed and insured and will be required to sign a copy of the catering policies and provide a copy of their insurance rider.
  • Any failure of the caterer to abide by our policies such as removing trash or cleaning the kitchen will be the responsibility of the rental client.
  • No one under the age of fifteen (15) is allowed in the kitchen.
  • Kitchen must be returned to its original order, counters, ranges, sinks, microwaves cleaned and floors swept and mopped.
  • All trash must be hauled.
  • No items may be left in the refrigerator.
  • Caterer may have access to the drive and park vehicles behind the building.
  • Use of grills, smokers or open flame cooking devices must be pre-approved and can only be used outdoors.