Meet Alvin

Alvin is a Hamadryads baboon born in 2005 at a research facility in the Northeast.   Alvin came from a university that conducted behavioral research and when his project was complete, Alvin was transported to Noah’s Ark for retirement in 2012.  Alvin is currently housed alone as he has proven not to do well when housed with other primates and because of this, caregivers work extra hard to provide Alvin with a life full of enrichment.  He is a master at puzzle feeders and foraging devices and in the rare event he cannot figure them out, he simply uses his massive fangs to destroy the toy and thus receives his treat.  “King Alvin” as he is referred to by his keepers, knows that he is special and expects to be treated like royalty, and his favorite treats are whole pineapples and peanut butter-filled kongs.  This species has a life expectancy around 35 years.

Animal Details

Name: Alvin
Category: Primates