Meet Anna Lou

Anna Lou (born in early 2014) is a Grizzly bear (Ursus arctos horribilis), which is one of roughly ten subspecies of brown bear (other subspecies include the grizzly bear and Eurasian brown bear). Like all wild animals used primarily for public encounters or “cub petting”, her former owners took her from her mother shortly after birth in an attempt to make her less aggressive and more “people friendly”.  This separation during such a crucial point in her development has made her very attached to humans, but she is displaying more and more natural bear behaviors as she ages. She is a very energetic bear and enjoys playing in water (although not as much as her enclosure mate, Angus the American black bear) and ripping up trees and logs.  Anna Lou also uses her large paws as “dinner plates” – she will pick small pieces of food up with her mouth and set them on the top of her front paws, then continue eating.

Animal Details

Name: Anna Lou
Category: Bears