Meet Baby Bob

Baby Bob or “Baby” as his keepers call him, is a male bobcat (Lynx rufus) who was brought to Noah’s Ark in 2014 by his human lifesaver and good samaritan.  The woman rescued what she thought was a day old domestic kitten that was abandoned in the scorching sun.  As she bottle raised the young cat and nursed him back to health, she realized he was actually a bobcat.  Being experienced in wild animal rehabilitation, she turned to her local rehab center and was devastated to find they just suffered a terrible fire and could not take the young bobcat.  She continued to raise Baby and when the time came, drove him to Noah’s Ark at 8 months old. Although bobcats are native to Georgia, Baby cannot be released in to the wild because he has lost his fear of humans (and actually, he’s quite fond of his keepers!).  He is a very playful yet shy cat and loves batting squirrel tails around his enclosure as well as playing in buckets of water.  Bobcats are medium sized cats weighing roughly 15-40 lbs.  They are native to much of North America and feed on a variety of prey items from mice to adult deer.  They are currently considered a non-threatened species, but habitat destruction and hunting/ trapping for their fur are their main threats.

Animal Details

Name: Baby Bob
Category: Exotic Cats