Meet Calvin

Calvin is a white faced capuchin male (Cebus capucinus) who came to Noah’s Ark 1994 at the age of 6. Calvin has suffered immeasurable cruelty at the hands of humans and as a result, he despises most of them.  He was rescued and brought to Noah’s Ark by a good samaritan who was “friends” with Calvin’s former owner.  After attacking his owner, the friend states that Calvin was punished by a brutal beating and the removal of his teeth with no anesthesia. When he arrived at the check in desk at Noah’s Ark, he was covered in dried blood and his face swollen beyond recognition.  Today his physical injuries have healed, but sadly, his emotional wound will never completely close.  His facial scars still bear testimony to his fighting spirit and refusal to be tamed.  Today, Calvin is a very happy primate and will even take treats from his keeper’s hands.

Animal Details

Name: Calvin
Category: Primates