Meet Doc

Doc is a neutered male Bengal tiger (Panthera tigris tigris) who was born in 2011 at a Midwest animal park.  Although Bengal tigers have a conservation status of “endangered” in the wild, they are extremely inbred and over-populated in captivity due to cub petting venues that exploit tiny cubs for profit and the popularity and mass inbreeding of white tigers.  Doc was one of the “surplus” cubs born at a park, and when he was too large to be used for photo opportunities, the breeder didn’t want him.  Surplus animals like Doc face a grim future when they outgrow their cute and cuddly stage, and are usually sold to circuses, roadside zoos, private owners, or canned hunting facilities.  Doc is the largest tiger at Noah’s Ark, weighing in at over 550 lbs.  He is very playful and vocal, and his favorite enrichment is meat popsicles.

Animal Details

Name: Doc
Category: Exotic Cats