Meet Gabby

Gabby is a female Bengal tiger (Panthera tigris tigris) who came to Noah’s Ark in 2011 as a yearling after she was no longer wanted by an individual who used her as a photo prop to make money.  At just twelve months old, Gabby was the most aggressive tiger Noah’s Ark staff has ever dealt with and was that way as a result of the physical abuse she endured during her time in the cub petting business.  Upon arrival to Noah’s Ark and during the months that followed, there were no signs of improvement with Gabby’s fear-based aggression and staff was at a loss of how to provide her with a quality life.  She would lunge at the fence whenever a human came near her enclosure, then run to the back where she would pace, urinate, and defecate all over herself even after the person left.  As a last ditch effort, she was introduced to Mr. Smith, an older tiger who had a similar history to hers, and within a week, Gabby was more relaxed and less aggressive and today, she is an entirely different cat.  She is a star pupil with positive reinforcement training, and even chuffs at her keepers when they approach!  She has also brought out the playful side in Mr. Smith, and together they continue to live as natural a life as possible in their large enclosure where they play in the creek and lounge on their decks in the sun together, rubbing heads and grooming each other.

Animal Details

Name: Gabby
Category: Exotic Cats