Meet Golden

Golden is a neutered male Bengal tiger (Panthera tigris tigris) who was surrendered to Noah’s Ark in 2011.  His owner and trainer begged us to take him because at only two months old, he was the most aggressive tiger she’s ever had and he hated other cats and could not be used for breeding.  Knowing the cub would no doubt end up in a cruel situation if we did not accept him, Golden became a part of the Noah’s Ark family and was indeed a handful to finish bottle raising.  However, when given proper space and enrichment and not forced to do unnatural behaviors, Golden has grown into a playful, affectionate, relaxed tiger and is a favorite of many visitors as he is always out and about exploring his habitat.  He is a skilled “painter” and his masterpieces can be seen both at our facility and online.

Animal Details

Name: Golden
Category: Exotic Cats