Meet Joshua

Joshua is a brown capuchin monkey (Cebus apella) who came to Noah’s Ark around a year of age in 2004.  Joshua was illegally owned by a young man who enjoyed showing off his tiny baby, which quickly lead to Joshua being confiscated by law enforcement and placed at Noah’s Ark. He was still very young when he came to his forever home and for his well being, continued to be hand reared.  However, staff knew that it was crucial to safely introduce Joshua to other monkeys early on in his life and as a result, he is a well-adjusted monkey who gets along well with his fellow capuchins.  He has the most outgoing personality of all of the capuchins and perhaps of all of our primates, and is the first to the fence to see what’s going on when the behind-the-scenes tours come by.  He gets along with all members of the group and is a master at foraging, using his tiny fingers to work tasty treats out of the smallest of holes.  His outgoing nature combined with his large head tufts make Joshua most visitors’ favorite monkey.

Animal Details

Name: Joshua
Category: Primates