Meet Kenya

Kenya is a Japanese macaque/pig tailed macaque hybrid who was born at Noah’s Ark in 2004.  She was an accidental birth after her father’s vasectomy failed (he was later neutered to prevent another accidental birth).  Instead of being pulled from her mother like most primates born into captivity are, we left Kenya with her mother because that is the healthiest and most humane way a primate can be raised.  Kenya and her mother Keoka are very bonded and as Keoka ages, we’ve seen Kenya becoming very protective and possessive of her mother.  Because she was parent-reared, Kenya is a very mentally stable primate and excels at natural primate behaviors such as foraging and problem solving. She is afraid of nothing and will ferociously defend her enclosure from the wandering squirrel or song bird and threaten humans with an open mouthed stare if they gaze too long at her.

Animal Details

Name: Kenya
Category: Primates