Meet Liberty

Liberty is a spayed female African lion (Panthera leo) who came to Noah’s Ark in 2013 at nearly a year old.  She was bred and born at a small, unaccredited zoo in the Midwest that survived by breeding and selling their exotic animals, as well as offering them to the public for pictures at local malls and fairs.  When she was too playful and dangerous to be used in photo shoots, Liberty’s owner still could not sell her, so she was surrendered to Noah’s Ark.  “Libby” as she is nicknamed by her keepers, is a very energetic, vocal, and playful young lioness who enjoys showing off for visitors by wrestling with her toys.  She is unusual for a lion in the fact that she loves spending time in the water, whether it’s playing in her creek or being hosed down on a hot day!

Animal Details

Name: Liberty
Category: Exotic Cats