Meet Quillber

Quillber the African crested porcupine (Hystrix cristata) was abandoned at a farming supply auction (along with his habitat mate, Lawrence) but because an anonymous donor agreed to pay his ransom fee, he came to Noah’s Ark in the fall of 2015 at roughly 2 years old.   Although Quillber arrived in the same inappropriate caging conditions as Lawrence, he was not as affected by his previous mistreatment and has a more outgoing, almost “goofy” personality.  Both he and Lawrence love to nibble on fresh branches and rearrange their burrows on a nightly basis.  Their favorite treat is sweet potatoes and they also enjoy chewing on antlers and beef bones to keep their constantly growing rodent teeth healthy and trimmed down.  Both Quillber and Lawrence are fairly easy going, non aggressive porcupines as long as their keepers move slowly and deliberately and take care not to startle them.

Animal Details

Name: Quillber
Category: Small Mammals