Meet Rooster

Rooster the brown lemur was born in 2010 at Noah’s Ark. Rooster’s mother was pregnant when she arrived at the sanctuary and whether she was a young, inexperienced mother or the stress of the move overwhelmed her… she abandoned baby Rooster days after birthing him.  Staff was forced to step in and care for the tiny baby, who had to be fed from an eye dropper every hour around the clock.  He bonded very strongly with the keeper who raised him, or as he sees it, his mother.  As Rooster grew in size and curiosity, it was clear that he was ready to be introduced to the other lemurs so he could live as natural of a life as possible.  The keeper he was so bonded to could not give him attention all of the time, nor understand his lemur needs.  Only other lemurs could fill the void Rooster needed to become a totally happy creature.  Today he lives with other brown lemurs and loves the active life that he shares with his friends. He still shows affection toward his favorite human but now instead of needing her for security, he simply enjoys when she interacts with him, and then goes about his lemur business.

Animal Details

Name: Rooster
Category: Primates