Meet Rusty

Rusty (born in 2002) is a neutered rhesus macaque who was originally not coming to Noah’s Ark. But in a very rare occurrence, he bonded with the other male that was scheduled to come, named Costello.  It isn’t common that two adult males who were housed singly for the majority of their life to form such a strong friendship, so Noah’s Ark and the University made arrangements for Rusty to come along, too.  Like the other rhesus macaques, he was used for biomedical research and multiple brain surgeries has left visible scars on the top of his head.  He is the feistiest of our rhesus macaques and will “protect” Costello by will holding tight to him whenever a perceived threat occurs (he’s not a fan of squirrels invading his habitat).  Besides spending time watching over Costello, Rusty really enjoys picking away at the barked tree stumps in his enclosure to find tasty bugs hidden within the wood.

Animal Details

Name: Rusty
Category: Primates