Meet Sister

Sister is a white faced capuchin monkey (Cebus capucinus) who came to Noah’s Ark in 1998.  Sister’s name is short for “Sister Mary”, named after the nun who rescued her from an abusive owner and brought her to safety at the Ark.  The kind lady wouldn’t give us much information on Sister, but from what we gathered this little monkey was older and lived in a very neglectful situation where she simply was not being cared for.  Her life sure has changed for the better, as she is the dominant female in the capuchin monkey group.  She is a very feisty and protective monkey, always slapping her barrels and enclosure walls bare handed or with a small rock, as a threat to the keepers who so lovingly tend to her.  As with the majority of our primates who were former pets, Sister has had major dental work over the years at Noah’s Ark in an effort to repair the painful damage inflicted by her previous owner who filed her teeth down to minimize the damage of a bite.

Animal Details

Name: Sister
Category: Primates