Meet Suzy

Suzy is a brown capuchin monkey (Cebus apella) who came to Noah’s Ark in 2003 as a traumatized juvenile. He originated from a “primate broker” that bred and supplied primates to all sectors of the exotic animal market from private owners to accredited zoos.  Suzy was pulled from his mother at a few days old to make him a better “pet”.  All this did was make the cross-eyed infant monkey neurotic and depressed by denying him proper primate socialization.  Around a year of age, Suzy attacked a friend of his owners viciously enough to warrant him a trip to the hospital.  As a result, Suzy was confiscated and placed in quarantine, which only added to the already traumatized monkey’s insecurities.  Suzy was finally released to Noah’s Ark and is now a happy, well-adjusted monkey and is one of the first troop members to investigate a new enrichment item.

Animal Details

Name: Suzy
Category: Primates