Blue and Gold Macaw

Common Name: Blue and Gold Macaw or Blue and Yellow Macaw
Latin Name: Ara ararauna
Geographic Range: Panama, Colombia through to South Central Brazil
Physical Description / Characteristics: Blue and Gold Macaws are mostly blue and yellow front. Blue chin and green forehead that fades into a teal blue that covers the nape, back, tail and wings. The chest and underside of the wings and belly are a bright golden yellow.
Number: 18

Catalina Macaw

Common Name: Catalina Macaw
Latin Name: Hybrid Ara ara ararauna x Ara macao
Geographic Range: Catalina Macaws are found mainly in captivity. This breed was formed by crossing a blue and gold macaw with a scarlet macaw.
Physical Description / Characteristics: They are known primarily for their color traits. They have a wide range of colors and patterns. They are primarily red or deep orange on their chest and bellies. Some will have brilliant red orange heads and others will have a blue and green crown. They tend to have green and blue feathers running down their backs and long tails. Some may have gold feathers edging their wings and tails.
Number: 7

Military Macaw

Common Name: Military Macaw
Latin Name: Ara militaris
Geographic Range: Native to Central America and South America and extends to Mexico to Argentina
Physical Description / Characteristics: Military macaws are mainly green with more bright lime green on their head that progresses into a darker olive green on the body. They have brilliant blue edging on their wings and bright red tuft on their foreheads. Their tail feathers include brown and reds with a yellow olive tint underneath.
Number: 6

Scarlet Macaws

Common Name: Scarlet Macaws
Latin Name: Ara macao with two subspecies: Ara macao cyanoptera and Ara macao macao
Geographic Range: The tropical rainforest areas of Central and South America
Physical Description / Characteristics: Scarlets are mostly vivid red with bright yellow and blue edging on their wings. Some may have a band of green where the yellow meets the blue. The large eye patch is white, and the bill has a horn-colored upper mandible and a black lower mandible.
Number: There are 2 at the Welcome Center and 3 inside the Macaw Aviary in Habitat.