Meet PB&J

Peanut Butter and Jelly are the two miniature donkeys that live in our special needs domestic animal habitat we call “The Motley Crew”. They were raised from birth with all the love and care in the world by a wonderful older couple and when the husband sadly passed away, the wife was forced to sell their small farmand move into an apartment. Obviously, “the boys” couldn’t go with her so she brought them to Noah’s Ark. They are both approximately 15 years old and have no idea that they are in fact donkeys, not humans, and absolutely refused to live in the pasture with the other equines. Now that they are again showered with daily pampering, including ear rubs, grooming and treats, “PB & J” are as happy as can be. They also have very poorly developed hooves which require more care then the other equines, and are on a special diet. Some animals just need a little more attention than others, and we are happy to offer it to these two gentleman! PB is the leader of this duo and is taller and friendlier than Jelly, who usually follows right behind PB. They love interacting with visitors so next time you visit us, be sure to tell them hello and give them a scratch on the head.

Animal Details

Name: PB&J
Category: Livestock