Prairie dogs (genus Cynomys) live on North America's prairies and open grasslands in a fraction of their former numbers. They construct underground burrows with defined nurseries, sleeping quarters, and even toilets. Their charismatic personality and cute appearance makes the prairie dog a popular exotic pet, but it is only legal to own them in certain states. They can be difficult pets to care for, requiring regular veterinary attention and a very specific diet. Each year, they go into a period called rut that can last for several months, in which their personalities can drastically change, often becoming defensive or even aggressive. They have sharp teeth and are capable of inflicting a bite that will warrant medical attention, and their scent glands produce a musky odor. We currently do not have any resident prairie dogs at the Ark, but our USDA partners know they can count on us to fill any need that arises for prairie dog rescue.

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