Hours of Operation: Blood Drive July 27th 10am – 2:30pm

Tuesday – Saturday 12:00pm – 3:00pm

770-957-0888 | Directions

Cost: $5 per person, 2 years and younger are free


Did you know that Noah's Ark is home to many different reptiles, from small water snakes to enormous American alligators? In addition to the snakes and alligators that call our pond home, we also provide a safe haven for our Sulcata Tortoises, Green Iguanas, Rhinoceros Iguana, and Bearded Dragon. Although certain reptile species can be good companions for the right person, many species of reptiles should not be kept as pets. Those animals include giant pythons, venomous snakes, giant tortoises, and large lizards such as monitors and crocodilians. Our rule of thumb at Noah's Ark is "if you can't buy a cage it can live in forever, or if it will outlive you, then you probably shouldn't own it". All animals need respect, compassion, and protection!

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